Mt Whitney - Aerial View (From the West)                                              
This Aerial Photo of Mt Whitney - shows some of the important features of Mt Whitney from the air. Top of photo
is to the west.  The small rectangular object labeled
"Summit Hut" is the actual Stone Hut as seen from the air. You
can see photos of this hut from the vantage point of the actual summit, by clicking
here, or by clicking on the Summit
link above.

Iceberg Lake is 1,896 feet below the summit of Mt Whitney, and is most often used as a base camp for East Face

The North Fork of Lone Pine Creek is the class 2 approach route that most Mt Whitney technical climbers use. (It is
also used by Mt Russell climbers).

Keeler Needle as marked on the right, has many extreme climbing routes for very advanced climbers.

The Whitney North Slope (or the Mountaineer's Route (not shown) is often used as a descent route for climbers
returning to Iceberg Lake.

Below photo shows additional details of the Southern Sierra Whitney Region Including Mount Langley
Photo by Mike Koerner
from a Sail Plane
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Photo by Mike Koerner
from a Sail Plane
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Below is a zoom in shot of Mt Whitney's expansive summit taken on June 30, 2007. As you can see, the summit is made
up of a massive pile of large flat granite stones. As you scroll up and down you will be able to clearly see the circled people
heading for the summit and those that are congregating around the small stone hut. See the
Mt Whitney Summit section for
a closer look of this area. If you are interested see
Timberline Trails Main Aerial Section for more Aerial Images, and a
description of the plane that we use for our Aerial Photographs.